Pancakes at Diner

Pancake Drama: Classic pancakes with fruit and served with mapple butter. PhP116.00
Pancake Drama: Classic pancakes with fruit and served with mapple butter. PhP116.00

These pancakes are obviously American inspired, (well, most of pancakes in the Philippines are liked these) the most common we can see in the market, where number of food processing companies offer quick or ready mix, one-step cooking and the most common breakfast aside from the local Pan de Sal.

Made from egg, flour and milk, prepared flat on a frying pan, and just wait for it to be a little bit golden in color and viola! you have yourself a cake— pancake. Maybe this is a fastest cake to prepared next to the refrigerator cake?!.


*Did you know that pancakes have a celebrated tradition of eating? In Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia, it is traditionally eaten before Ash Wednesday (Shroved Tuesday)— or the Pancake Tuesday. And in Newfoundland, they place items that will foretell their future? Weird.

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7 Responses to “Pancakes at Diner”

  1. micamyx says:

    now i’m hungry T_T

  2. Charlie says:

    Ayan, breakfast na! ahaha

  3. mico santos says:

    kakagutom naman ,yummy yummy

  4. sarap nyan.. gusto kong tikman… hehe

  5. sweetham says:

    hey, your site seems interesting!! mapapadalas aata ako rito!! The pancake looks good though I am not an avid fan of pancakes coz for me it is an american food, I mean, i prefer heavy rice for breakfast. Hahaha!!! 🙂 nonetheless, it looks yummy, have you featured our very own pancake house? :d

    God bless and Happy Holidays!

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