PG at Nama Sakana Japanese Restaurant

Beef Tebanyaki

The Patay Gutom bloggers (Jehz, Winston, Fitz, Mica and Maki) went out to try the offerings of Nama Sakana Japanese Restaurant, a new food destination in Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan City.


Nama Sakana ???????, when interpreted in Japanese, literally means raw fish, a name which perfectly suits them for they serve only the best sushi in the Metro. In Japan, a good chef is characterized by its skill in making Sushi. That’s why Nama Sakana chose to have the best and skilled chef in making Japanese Ryouri, Chef Rolly Ongcoy, who is a renowned chef in United States, Europe and Australia.

Sashimi Salad with Seared Tuna
For starters, we were served with this Sashimi Salad ? a mixture of seared tuna, salad greens and vinaigrette dressing.

Six varieties of Sushi and Maki

The Patay Gutom Bloggers
The Patay Gutom Bloggers, (LtoR) Fitz, Mica, Jehz, Winston and Maki.

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17 Responses to “PG at Nama Sakana Japanese Restaurant”

  1. ang sarap nyan wah.. nagugutom tuloy ako..ang aga2x pa naman.. hahaha..gustong mag foodtrip weh!

  2. frannywanny says:

    yummy!! na satisfy sushi craving ko dito 🙂

  3. jehzlau says:

    weeeeeeeee! ang sarap dito! Lalo na yung nasa unang picture! hehe 😀 yum yum nama sakana! 😀

  4. Fitz says:

    How about ang ganda ng mga pictures na kuha mo?! Wah.

    Anyway, I’ll be posting din my PG experience about this soon. 😛

  5. drew says:


  6. jan geronimo says:

    Food presentation alone is so yummy. Bat ba napapagawi ako dito pag gabi? Nagugutom tuloy ako. Ano kayang meron sa ref? lol

  7. abdul says:


  8. abdul says:

    jan lolipop ang laman ng ref.

  9. fitz says:

    Woot! Added my link to my post about this! 😀

  10. Micamyx says:

    Waaaah nag sarap! Maganda rin yung place may bagong videoke spot na tayo 😛

    Will write a blog post about it soon. Now now muna haha 😛

  11. Snow says:

    Wow, looks so yummy. I am a big fan of Japanese food. Mukhang masarap yung sashimi salad. Yum…yum..yum… 😀

  12. mark says:

    sarap! sarap! sarap Talaga! aha!

  13. Maki says:

    Jehz is losing weight hasn’t he? :p More food trips to pack PG perhaps? :))

  14. rich says:

    wow! those look delicious… ^^ I’m suddenly craving for japanese food… XD

  15. Menard says:

    Sarap talaga ng mga pagkain ng mga patay gutom!

    More power to the PG Team!

  16. Selboy says:

    hmmm… pano kaya ako makakain ng ganyan kasarap na mga pagkain? wala bang mag-invite sa akin hehehe

  17. sushismb says:

    There are many Japanese restaurants in Metro Manila and I’m sure everyone’s question iss “where is the best”? Well, Japanese cuisine is very diverse and it could be categorized into so many different kinds, so I can’t answer such a broad question.

    However, what I can say is that an authentic Japanese restaurant will not name its own a silly name like NAMA SAKANA… Yes, it could be translated as “raw fish” in a short term, but it actually means more like “fish that is raw”.

    Talking about silly Japanese restaurant names, banner/logo of TERIYAKI BOY had a Japanese caption that literally means FAT BOY.

    There are many authentic Japanese restaurants in Metro Manila. I hope all of you would check them out and taste the “real” Japanese dishes.

    Believe me, I’m a Japanese living in Makati.

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