This Panciteria packs in the goodness

San Jacinto Panciteria

San Jacinto Panciteria

Across the street from SM Hypermart on E. Roriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), amidst a collection of small restaurants, a bakery shop and an archery is a place called Panciteria San Jacinto. Don’t be fooled by the simple name – this uber restaurant packs in the goodness – you will leave with a stomach packed full with great food and a smile on your face because of their awesome service.

“Panciteria San Jacinto invites you to rediscover the classic Cantonese taste of Binondo in a relaxing country-style restaurant.”

Waiters were polite and accommodating, you’ll feel like you’re in a hotel. They were all uniformed and neat looking. The restaurant itself had a homey feel, with roosters and hens decorating the walls. Everything was nice and comfortable.

But what about the food right? We ordered a set meal usually meant for 10, but you could order just half of that. There was 5 of us  having a late lunch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The set menu included fish, pork, bean curd, beef, vegetables and soup dishes. Here come the photos:

It’s a Panciteria so we couldn’t have not tried some Pancit! It was very good. Yum.


The set menu had some fishies – Fried Lapu-lapu with Sweet Sour SaucePanciteria6

This was quite delectable – Bean Curd with Lechon


For dessert, we had some Almond Jelly with Lychees. I’m not a huge fan of lychees and find them quite difficult to eat. But my sister liked it a lot. 😀


For a look at the complete menu, visit their website @ – prices of the food are all available on their website. Awesome right? 😀

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This entry was posted by Rey Rombawa, Jr., who has written 3 posts as , on Thursday, November 19th, 2009 at 4:15 pm and was filed under Restaurant.

17 Responses to “This Panciteria packs in the goodness”

  1. madz says:

    Rey, I don’t love lychees too, ha ha ha.

  2. You had me all sucked in until I saw it… a fish with a face! Noo! I like to pretend my meat grows on trees. That said, the food looks awesome. And what’s not to like about chickens on the wall?

    I keep seeing those lychees everywhere. I’m going to have to buckle down and give them a try someday.

  3. fren says:

    huwaw, i love this post, reyjr. and the way the pics were captured. nice, just so starvingly nice.:) and hey, your ads are superb. might be thinking to eat in there, too, one of these days.:)

  4. reyjr says:

    @madz – hehe. i liked the almond jelly! 😀

    @Heather – i knew someone would react to that fish! looking at it now, it kinda looks like it has giant teeth… haha. But it was actually really good. Cooked perfectly.

    Them lychees? OK, will put them on the side for you to try out. 😀 Hehe.

    @fren – Thank you fren! it’s quite affordable too if you go and check their prices. Do you live near that area too?

  5. fren says:

    no, but it’s a short distance if we drive from pasay thru fort global then C-5.:)

  6. Carlos says:

    Wow I see this place. I think its near Mom and Tina’s. I will definitely check this place out soon! Been craving for chinese food pa naman lately!

  7. Jena Isle says:

    he he he, I’m laughing at Heather’s comment…”until you saw the fish with a face. he he he…the eyes are delicious heather…okay, okay..

    Rey, I still have not tasted the bulalo . you had so endorsed in your previous post. Perhaps you could bring us a sample and I would also allow you to taste the sisig I was bragging about…

  8. Zorlone says:

    Ah, the master photographer in the making. To think that the shots were from a compact camera. Very nice! I also wish that I can take mouth watering pictures with my mobile phone. he he he. (Maybe I can ask batang yagit for some tutorial)

    It is just 10 in the morning and I am craving for lunch already. It’s all your fault. 🙁 I better close this site before I miss my late morning exercise. LOL.

    Where is the next food trip?


  9. reyjr says:

    @fren – ahh. go na! it’s a good place for a late lazy afternoon lunch. hehe.

    @Carlos – yes! that’s the one! I’ve been passing by it every week too but never really considered going there. But now it’s part of my “Hmm where to eat” list. 😀

    @Jena Isle – hehe, i sense a pot luck lunch soon. haha!

    @Zorlone – Calling Batang Yagit hehe. I have no authority over him Doc Z hehe. But I’m sure he gives some on his uber blog.

    And oy, schedule a food trip for us! I want to go to Mang Jimmy’s in UP Dil. 😀 Then we can also have fish balls for dessert. hehe!

  10. jan geronimo says:

    Love Heather’s comment, too. For your pleasure, I’d suck on fish eyes, brains, and every moving part in a fish head that needs cleaning up. Ahehehe.

    Lovely shots, Rey. Nakakagutom naman.

  11. reyjr says:

    Hi Lolo Jan! Oh sure, you can have the whole fish head. Hehe!

    Thank you for the compliments on the photographs. TY to Canon for macro settings. lol.

  12. whoaw! ang sarap neto! di ko napansin may new post pala sa PG. haha 😀

  13. reyjr says:

    lol @ jehz. dami mo kasing blog e. hehe.

  14. Jim says:

    mouth-watering ang photos! just realised how similar ang mga pagkain natin sa mga kapit-bansa natin, marami katulad nito na pagkain sa Thailand, Cambodia at Vietnam. 😀

  15. u8mypinkcookies says:

    wow, that pancit looks so delish!

  16. reyjr says:

    It’s their specialty – so it really really is. 😀 Yum! If you do visit, let us know how it went for you ha!

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