What’s Cooking at Mini Shabu-Shabu?

Mini Shabu-Shabu

For a couple of weeks now, some of the Patay Gutom members were consistently plurking about their cravings for a shabu-shabu meal. Personally, I’ve tried eating shabu-shabu at Thousand Cranes and Healthy Shabu-shabu. The last time was in August 2008 with my grandparents and I really enjoyed the instant cooking experience.

Mini Shabu-Shabu

Just last night, Winston and I decided to check Mini Shabu-Shabu at Greenhills Shopping Complex. We were a bit hesitant at first since we all know that you need a big amount of money to enjoy a shabu-shabu meal.

Since we were literally newbies at the place, the waiter suggested that we try the Seafood and Beef meal for the two of us.

Mini Shabu-Shabu

FYI: Once you place the beef at the pot, just count from 1 to 20 and the beef is already cooked! Yay!

Mini Shabu-Shabu

FYI: The seafoods are cooked immediately. It’s fun to observe how the gray shrimp turned into an orange one LOL (ok bangag na nagsusulat nito)

Mini Shabu-Shabu

FYI: The veggies are the least favorite part of the Shabu-shabu meal (at least for us LOL)

Patay Gutom Winston and Mica

FYI: Though Nyoksters Winston and Mica didn’t really sleep a night before, the shabu-shabu gave them the energy they needed in order to stay awake up to this very minute 😐

Surprisingly, we only spent around Php400 for the meal. Not bad, eh?

Here’s a video showing how I ‘cooked’ dinner 😀

If you are not really aware on how Shabu-Shabu works, you can freely ask Dr. Hayden Kho Jr.

Photo Credits to Digital Puto

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18 Responses to “What’s Cooking at Mini Shabu-Shabu?”

  1. Fitz says:

    Kulang sa akin ‘yang nasa pictures. Nyok. Matakaw ako sa shabu-shabu. Woot! Ma-try ko nga kumain jan. 😀

  2. DAX says:

    nasan yung sabaw?

  3. micamyx says:

    @Fitz – Hehehe oo nga eh pero ok lang beginers pa lang naman kami hehe 😀

    @Dax- Updated the post with the video weee yung ibang pix po i-upload ko naman sa personal blog ko 😀

  4. wow! kainggit! waaaaaaaaaaaaa! ang sarap ng mga kuhaaa!

  5. jan geronimo says:

    Piktyur pa lang masarap na. Makapag ipon nga ng P400. Ahahaha.

  6. Nakakatakam ang mga pictures! At mura na yung P400 ha para dyan…

  7. […] We managed to eat there for only Php400. Not bad For more information, kindly proceed to our Mini Shabu-Shabu Feature at Patay Gutom. Bong at […]

  8. Bryan Karl says:

    Waah sarap naman. Sana makatry din ako nyan. 🙂

  9. masarap kumain ng shabu-shabu kapag may discount ka sa price…may discount card ako ng shabu shabu sa greenhills. client namin yan eh..who wanna join with me..hehehe

  10. J. Ibanez says:

    Sarap naman niyan.

    *Hanap sa wallet ng P400*

  11. Ron says:


    We will be having a food tasting event kasi sa Cavite. It will be open for food lovers/bloggers or kahit sa sinung interesadong blogger.

    Baka lang po interested kayo, nandito po ang details:


    I know this is not the right place to invite you for the event, kindly delete this na lang po if ever di nyo po gusto ma post.

    Salamat and more power sa blog nyo po.

  12. ice9web says:

    wow sarap naman ang mga naka post sa site mo (^_^)

  13. Ed says:

    sarap talaga ng shabs…healthy eating pa..sa MSS sa GH may special offer sila pag weekdays..executive lunch priced at P250 na lang yung seafood shabu shabu..may libre pang iced tea….tsibugan na!

  14. gie says:

    gusto ko din nyan. wahhhhh.. nagutom tuloy ako.. mapapanaginipan ko to sigurado. 🙁

  15. Madonna says:

    Bakit hindi kasama ang Shabu shabu nang Wensha?

    I like it there somehow, I put tons of garlic and love their beef slices!

  16. ariston says:

    yan ang nami-miss ko, masasarap na pagkain… hehehheh

    oi.. Congrats pala for winning at isa sa 10 emerging influential blogs of 2009! 🙂 woooot!

  17. louie says:

    sna man lang bago ako mamatay…eh makatikim dn ako nyan….

  18. Madonna is surely the most important pop artist in the world today. She’s on top…

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