Have You Tried (To) Eat My GF?

Eat my GF

Don’t believe this sign? Well, you better.

We were headed to Ronac for the release event of the Air Jordan XI when a friend said she wants to try Eat My GF. “For real?” I said. Well, believe it. Yes, there’s actually a food stall who boldly named their business Eat my GF. It sounds nasty and lewd and provocative alright, but GF actually stands for Garlic Fries. Pretty smart, huh? They really know how to get people’s attention!

Sausage and Chips

It’s basically a food stall selling french fries, potato chips, sausages and burgers. The biggest USP of Eat My GF is the overwhelming fresh garlic toppings they put on their food. We ordered garlic fries and chips and boy is it really swimming in fresh garlic (see bottom left pic in the collage above for proof)!

At first, it was such a delight to eat. The flavor is really different from the run-of-the-mill fries we usually get, but once you get used to the rather strong flavor, you’ll learn to appreciate it. Between the fries and the chips, I thought the chips had something more to offer though. 🙂

After downing these two, which I shared with Cam, my breath reeked with garlic. It wasn’t pleasant at all! Haha. So I guess it’s best to eat these garlic-heavy babies at home. Going on a movie date? Don’t. Dare. Eat. This. 😀

P.S. Was at Alabang Town Center last night and I spotted an Eat My GF stall! Hoozah. 🙂







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  1. jehzlau Avatar

    meron din ata eat my gf sa glorietta.. 😀

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