Tuna Brocolli ala Jehzlau

Yay! I enjoyed doing pacham that’s why I came up again with another original recipe for Patay Gutom! This one is another master piece of a self-proclaimed chef. I don’t know how to cook brocolli that’s why I did something weird. I mixed all the ingredients and spices that appeared in my mind. No, this one has no A1 Steak Sauce. I only added Powdered Onion, Garlic, Oyster Sauce, and Tuna Flakes.

Just like my previous recipe, Garlic Fish Steak ala Jehzlau, I had also no idea how to cook this so called Tuna Brocolli ala Jehzlau. This is my second pacham recipe. And just like the first one, it was tasty and oh-so-yummy! Believe me! I’ve tasted it! If you want to experience Tuna Brocolli ala Jehzlau, here’s a recipe for you!

1. Mama Sita’s Oyster Sauce
2. McCormick Minced Garlic
3. McCormick Powdered Garlic
4. McCormick Powdered Onion
5. Century Tuna Flakes in Oil
6. McCormick All Spice
7. Sliced Brocolli

How to cook this awesome recipe:
1. Add a small amount of cooking oil just enough to mix the spices
2. Wait until your cooking oil is hot enough then add your spices
3. Add at least 1 table spoon of powdered garlic, powdered onion and all spice
4. Mix all your spices until you are satisfied
5. Separate the oil from your Tuna Flakes.
6. Add the Tuna Flakes without Oil in your frying pan
7. After 5 seconds, add your sliced brocolli then mix it
8. Mix, mix, and mix until you are tired of mixing
9. After 1 minute of mixing and stir frying your brocolli and tuna, add at least 5 table spoons of Oyster Sauce.
10. Mix all together for 15 seconds, then add at least 5 table spoons of clean water (preferably mineral water, yay!)
11. After you have added and mixed all of the it and you are 100% sure that your brocolli is ready to eat (well-done, medium rare, rare, or just-the-way-you-want), then stop stir frying and transfer your Tuna Brocolli ala Jehzlau to your plate!

That’s it! This will be the final outcome of your oh-so-yummy Tuna Brocolli ala Jehzlau. Cooked just the way you want it!


  1. Waaah nakakagutom naman ito nyok! (woot)

    Sana matikman namin lahat ng luto mo. This is another healthy meal for the PG’s of the blogosphere! 😀

    Tanong lang: may pagkakaiba ba sa lasa kapag hindi mineral water ang gamit? nyook 😛

    (seryoso mukhang masarap nga!)

  2. mukhang masarap! hahhahha… instead of the usual beef and broccoli… you used tuna.. very clever! hhahahha… bakit tuna ulit? hehehhehe

  3. try ko sana recipe mo with brocolli, eh kaso tinatamad akong pumunta ng supermarket.. kaya sigirilyas nalang, un kc meron sa kitchen..hehehe masarap din naman.. pero yaan mo next time, brocolli na talaga, mas masarap ata un..hehehe thanks for sharing your recipe..

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