A Healthy, Hearty Lunch at Earle’s Delicatessen

When I was still working in “faraway” Ortigas (I live in Cavite, you see), Earle’s Delicatessen was my go-to restaurant pick on days I’m feeling fat. In fact, the boyfriend and I usually have salad from Earle’s first before we hit the gym. 🙂 I still have cravings for their bulky sandwiches and fresh greens,… Continue reading A Healthy, Hearty Lunch at Earle’s Delicatessen

Food Coma at Chili’s

I didn’t think it was possible to put food in my mouth after devouring mountains of food for lunch and merienda that day. But apparently, my tummy can take a wee bit more than I think I could. 😀

A Taste of Persia Grill

Persia Grill has a notorious reputation in our office. Whenever there are talks of where we could have lunch, pitching in Persia Grill would always spur the same sentiment from the folks who have already been there–the food is nice but there’s one caveat: you’ll leave the restaurant smelling like one of the dishes. Fearing… Continue reading A Taste of Persia Grill