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  • Celebrating Christmas Eve Tuesday at Ruby Tuesday

    The 24th of December is definitely not a holiday here in Kuwait so most of us Filipinos will be having our Christmas “Noche Buena” at work or right after we finish our work. Me and my workmates decided to dine out instead of cooking our special Christmas dinner since we’ll all be going home late […]

  • The Amazing Fusion Experience In Kuwait

    Working in Kuwait is a whole new experience that I’ve been enjoying at the moment. The blogger side of me has been always desiring to share my food trips in this Arab country where I thought it would more on the Mediterranean cuisines. However, this small yet oil-rich country has more to offer. It is […]

  • Seafood Overload At Dampa

    Time flies so fast and it’s already the last night of my Manila vacation. My uncle promised to take me and my friends out to dinner in a place that he boasted that we couldn’t find in Davao City. My uncle is a food enthusiast so wherever he’s taking us, for sure it offers sumptuous […]