Tag: Desserts

  • The Chocolate Kiss Cafe: Give Into Temptation

    I’m pretty sure you know by now that I have a love-hate relationship with sweets. Truthfully, I would love to sample every cake there is on earth. But when I am reminded of how much effort it takes to trim down excess weight, I go into this deep rut and wish never to see a […]

  • The Pride of Gen San (3 of 3)

    I was already starting to feel full. Full from the food but also from the stories and memories the food brought. Chef Kring truly kept her word. She has transformed the dishes General Santos had to offer and yet still maintained that which was so uniquely Gen San. It was wonderful combination of simplicity and […]

  • Short Hangout at UCC Cafe

    About an hour ago, I just came from a successful TV5 1st Anniversary Celebration at the Glorietta 3 tent in Makati. After the event, me and my friend Mica went to UCC Cafe to chill and order some drinks and desserts there other than Coffee and a Cappucino drink (115 Php).

  • Crepeman at Banchetto

    Banchetto is a “food tiangge” along Emerald Ave. in Ortigas every Saturday. It starts at 12:01 AM and ends around 10:59 AM. Yup, it’s a good place to eat after your Friday night gimik. And one of my favorite stalls there is Crepeman. I always have their crepes for dessert whenever I’m in Banchetto. But […]

  • Indulgence Deli Cafe

    Death By Chocolate A couple of days ago, a coffee shop owner/blogger friend (Leira Pagaspas) and Ate Sire invited me to Leira’s Coffee Shop in Makati. Indulgence Deli Cafe is a few minute walk from corner Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Streets in Makati.

  • Drive the Heat off with Razons Halo-Halo!

    What is the best way to ward off the intense heat from your body? Try Razons Halo-Halo! It will blow your mind! 😀