Tag: Mall of Asia

  • Revisiting The Cafe Mediterranean

    The Cafe Mediterranean — or Cafe Med for the tamad (like me) to say the restaurant’s name in its entirety — has always been a good restaurant to visit whenever I’m on the prowl for something exciting yet still relatively familiar. Hmm. Did I just made sense there?

  • We Meet Again, Bistro Ravioli

    The first time I ate at Bistro Ravioli, I found the restaurant so-so. It definitely left an impression but I didn’t think it was the kind of restaurant I’d be begging the boyfriend or my friends to dine at. On a tiring Saturday however, which consisted of a trip to Trinoma before traveling back south, […]

  • Tokyo Cafe: Saved by a Crepe

    I’ve always had this impression that Tokyo Cafe’s menu consists of mainly Japanese classics with a twist. But boy was I wrong. It was my first time when we decided to check it out one Friday night. The fake plastic food lining up their display window looked appetizing so we went in. I was already mildly annoyed […]

  • Holy Smokes, It’s Holy Cow!

    I’ve always liked Holy Cow Steak Ranch & American Grill for its generous servings and pocket-friendly prices. The boyfriend and I frequent this restaurant, particularly the one in Megamall. This, indeed, belongs to our list of “safe” restaurant choices on nights we can’t decide where to eat. 🙂 So after work, we went to the […]

  • Drive the Heat off with Razons Halo-Halo!

    What is the best way to ward off the intense heat from your body? Try Razons Halo-Halo! It will blow your mind! 😀