Tag: Pasta

  • We Meet Again, Bistro Ravioli

    The first time I ate at Bistro Ravioli, I found the restaurant so-so. It definitely left an impression but I didn’t think it was the kind of restaurant I’d be begging the boyfriend or my friends to dine at. On a tiring Saturday however, which consisted of a trip to Trinoma before traveling back south, […]

  • What’s Your Mood? Asks Wings And Dips

    It’s another “ME” day and I think I need to roam around somewhere and treat myself with a lavish dish. ‘Eat All You Can’ food establishments are quite popular in the city but I don’t think that would satisfy my hunger at this moment.

  • Welcome back, Green Tomato!

    Imagine my surprise when I saw my workmate walking up to our table at the GT Tower with this tray and a big plate of pasta. Immediately, I asked where he bought his lunch ’cause it was an unfamiliar dish. We’ve been dining far too often there, obviously, that’s why. 😀 The second he mentioned […]

  • Friday’s, I’m In Love

    Friday’s is one of those many restaurants that I avoid simply because I tend to overindulge whenever I’m here. Food is always great here (so are the Mojitos!) so I usually lose all sense of control, forget about my diet and feel so terribly bad after. In fact, the last time I dined at Friday’s […]

  • Pizza, Pasta and Pasto

    Pasto, which I first got to try with the boyfriend last year, is slowly inching its way on top of my list of favorite restaurants solely for its affordable pastas and thin crust pizzas. Their Paseo Center branch is on the third floor, which is pretty hard to miss when you’re not up for riding […]

  • Sbarro – Pizza, Pasta, and more Pizza!

    Tired of the all too ordinary pizza and pasta fare available, waiting 15 minutes or more for your pizza, or just want the freshest ingredients? Sbarro steps up to the plate and delivers. Sbarro opened it’s first Salumeria (Italian grocery store) in Brooklyn, New York in 1956 starting out as deli eventually evolving into the […]